4 Point Checklist for Contractor Attendance Management

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4 point checklist for Contractor Attendance Management

Employee Attendance OverviewIn today’s world, expertise has become the focal point in any business, which not only helps in saving time and cost but gets greater results. Saying that, projects existing for a shorter period, would certainly cannot have employees recruited. Saving cost of recruitment and borrowing best of skills can prove vital for an organization. Here is why, Outsourcing or Contracting gets a chance to serve the purpose and becomes inevitable thereafter.

We know that attendance is an integral part of computing paid days of an employee. But with respect to contractor management it becomes much more important from the billing and compliance point of view.

All the challenges and complications related to contractor management can be untangled through automating contractor management. And that can come only from a robust and intelligent time and attendance (T&A) solution.

Below are the important checklists of Contractor Attendance Management:

1. Contractor management:

A purchase order is an acknowledgement on the basis of the actual man power supplied over the planned man power in a contractual agreement. Thus to avoid wrong billing, both the client and the contractor needs to maintain employees attendance. With the help of contractor management, clients are cognizant of the contract license start and end date.

2. Contractor Compliance and Audit checklist:

Under Industrial dispute act of 1947, defined minimum wages, working hours and other deductions are set in support of contractual laborers. Contractor management will ensure that laborers are not exploited with meager wages, whether PF, ESIC are paid on time and also whether the employees are insured, empowering them at later stages of life.

3. Scalable and Configurable Attendance solution:

Laborers are often exploited with pejorative working hours and shifts by employers. To ensure better working conditions to contractual laborers, firstly each projects needs meticulous planning and secondly there must be a better T&A solution in place in the organization.
Through automation of T&A of laborers, every law specified with respect to working hours as per state rules, weekly offs, OT and Roaster designing/Shift planning can be configured. An alert can be set to make the HR vigilant, whether working hours of the employees are in compliance with the law or no.

A superior T&A solution can manage multiple shifts and OT complying with the laws with comfort. Thus integration with other ERP’s and contractor management software’s is like a blessing for a seamless flow of data.

4. Service provider domain capability for deliverable:

An organization with years of HR domain knowledge and automation expertise, will be in a better position to understand, handle and implement right solution and support to organizations of all shapes and sizes with divergent Industrial backgrounds.