5 Key Pointers to Identify the Right Attendance System for your Organization

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5 Key Pointers To Identify The Right Attendance System For Your Organization

Biometric Attendance SystemIf you’re planning to implement a solution to monitor your employees’ work time and attendance, you know you’ve got a lot of options. Whether you’re considering automating your time and attendance for the first time, or you’re trying to replace an old system you’ve outgrown, you’ll be faced with a wide array of solutions.

With many vendors trumpeting their latest-and-greatest technology, sometimes the focus slips from the basics. No matter if you’re upgrading or starting fresh, here are five core considerations you should keep in mind when evaluating time and attendance solutions.

HR Domain and Automation understanding:

An organization with years of HR domain knowledge and automation expertise, will be in a better position to understand, handle and implement right solution and support to organizations of all shapes and sizes with divergent Industrial backgrounds.

Ownership of Hardware and Software:

Hardware and software complements each other in ease of doing business. Integration of both, an innovative biometric device and software will help the HR’s with real time data to review. Thus a one stop solution of both the device and the software will always prove lucrative for the business by slashing unwanted wastage of time and cost.

Software configurable, scalable & integrated:

Attendance automation experts must empower you to configure the Attendance Policies according to your policy and practices with great flexibility.

Growth in today’s Industrial term would be upward rise in revenue and employment. Thus inclusion and maintenance of the ever rising data needs a cost effective and easeful process through a system which will avoid frustrations. Consequently software capable of scalability to support increase in no. of employees will in turn help growth of the company.

Attendance automation solution which comes with API & web services, integrates seamlessly, effortless & on real time with ERP solutions, as todays corporate world is demanding integrated solutions which needs advance level of automation.

Service approach:

Today, after-sales support continues to be an important aspect for all customers. Delivering the product is not the end, but it’s the beginning of an organizations beautiful relationship between them and the customers, where customers happiness and satisfaction over the product is the key. The maturity of understanding of the service provider & the SLA’s are the key pointers.

Cost Model:

A service/product is always adjacent to a value. License or SAAS, choosing the right model will set the right pace of the company’s growth.
Today we hear everybody talking about ‘Cloud’ and its benefits. Using Time and attendance software just as a service has couple of mind boggling rewards in terms of cost:

  • Zero Capital Expense
  • Standard Version Upgrades & regulatory changes are free
  • No separate AMC cost
  • Pay as you use
  • Vendor is bound by service due to monthly ongoing payments
  • Predictable cash flow for both parties helps in budgeting
  • No IT infrastructure costs & related overheads