About Cuckoo Tech

  • Welcome to the most endorsed T&A solution in India!

    Are you looking for a true, 100% automated T&A solution? Cuckoo Tech is the only one which can live up to your expectations, challenges and aspirations. Clients tell us again and again, it surpasses their expectations in so many ways.

  • What makes it the most advanced most useful T&A platform?

    The simple answer is it is designed to fulfil that purpose.

    We have created Cuckoo Tech because HR managers needed an up-to-date solution which could take care of new work scenarios like multi location integration, real time attendance capture and can provide flexibility to handle multi-shift scenarios in modern industries.

    It is a unique T&A solution package with patented biometric hardware and ADIS enabled enterprise software platform.

    It is an integrated solution. Hardware and software works together to get the most out of each other. The solution is designed to give you the best of cloud technology as well.

    But there is more than just the technology. Cuckoo Tech is created by HR experts and packs- in years of HR domain intelligence programmed in it.

  • What does that mean in real life

    • SEAMLESS Performance: When we say seamless, it is true seamless solution:
      • No batch mode is required. No pulling of data is needed on various intervals. You can watch and take action as the scenario unfolds minute to minute.
      • It is REAL TIME! Whether the people are on your premises, at clients place, in the field, or working from their home! Because Cuckoo Tech works with mobile phones, laptops, tablets, desktops as well.
    • Real Time Attendance Capture: In the same way, it gives true REAL TIME capture.
      • The Verdi devices push the biometric data instantaneously.
      • ADIS platform uses its intelligence and take the data directly to cloud server.
      • You can see the real time presence of people on factory floor, retail store, office premises, or in the field wherever they are.
    • Plug and Play device:
      • No software is installed on client side. It saves about 40% cost in installation and operational cost.
    • HR Domain Expertise:
      • Cuckoo tech is created by Opportune, a company with years of HR domain knowledge and automation expertise. That’s why Cuckoo Tech has gone through the most stringent tests of the toughest HR professionals. In organisations of all shapes and sizes. In all Industries.
      • While our devices and platform surpasses all expectations, it's our deep domain understanding and implementation support which is unmatched in the industry. That’s what delights our customers...HR, CFOs as well as IT experts!

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