ADIS As Technology

ADIS (Access Device Interface services) is T&A 3.0 intelligence engine created by Opportune Technologies, who are the developers behind OptHrMS and Cuckoo Tech - time & attendance platform.

ADIS cloud technology is imbibed with the spirit of Internet of Things (IoT) and geared for the big data analysis and prescriptions.

Technically speaking ADIS is the interface between Biometric Devices and HRMS (Human Resource Management System) software. The technology is created down-up, from the insights gained from numerous HR interactions, detailed surveys and depth interviews with Operations and IT managers.

This intelligence makes the real difference. The best of cloud technology with our vast experience of serving the critical HR scenarios make ADIS cloud technology the benchmark in Time and Attendance 3.0.

Key Features:

  • True software–hardware integration:

    Cuckoo Tech is enabled with ADIS cloud technology. It becomes an interface between Hardware Access devices and the HRMS solution over the cloud. It uses the best features available in hardware as well as the software to give you the best results.

  • Real Time:

    ADIS is a mediator to communicate with devices (swipe card, biometric, mobile), allowing HRMS to capture employee touch points in real time. This is true real time automation, no manual intervention or batch modes required.

    This is Push Technology in action. The futuristic technology which will play a big role in ‘Internet of Things’ paradigm in the impending future.

  • Secure Mobile Access:

    ADIS is further enhanced to communicate with Mobiles using Mobile Apps.
    ADIS has advanced capability to distinctly identify devices over the internet for providing required security.

  • Summary:

    ADIS’s patent oriented technology needs a whole website for itself if you want to get into the details. But in a nutshell, ADIS will provide you the best-

    • Ease of device installation (plug & play)
    • Remote Employee Registration & template management (Centralized device management)
    • Real time data capture
    • Scalability & security due to cloud
    • Future ready system

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