Attendance Management Software

Cuckoo Tech is designed for the utmost support to the HR professionals. It empowers you to configure the Attendance Policies with great flexibility. Industries from BPO to Retail, Manufacturing to services are gaining the Cuckoo advantage all over the country.

Key Features of Attendance Policy Function:

  • Attendance Rule Engine: This allows the organisation to define rules as per the practises set

    • Early Go
    • Late Come
    • Working hours
    • Over time criteria
    • Deductions for non-compliance of timing & attendance

    The above functions can be defined across grades and locations

  • Configure Attendance Criteria: Based on number of hours attended or the punch timings (Late coming or early going) the system allows to define

    • Half day working
    • Full day working
    • Absent

    Eg (1): - if an employee works for less than two (2) hours he will be marked absent, but if he works more than 2 hours & less than six (6) hrs, employee will be mark half day & same for Full day criteria. You can set different criteria as per your company policies.

    Eg (2): - if an employee comes late by 15 min. then mark late but if late more than two (2) hours he will be marked half day, but if he comes more than 4 hours employee will be marked Absent.

    Additionally, combinations of both also can work. You can set different criteria as per your company policies.

  • Define Holidays: This function allows to define location wise holidays. It has enough depth & maturity to handle holidays as per below parameters

    • Weekly Off:
      Various combinations of Weekly offs can be configured like, Single off, two days off, Any day of the week selection, Various combinations of 2nd weekly offs can be configured e.g. Rule like 1st Sat. full working, 2nd and 3rd Sat. full off and 4th Sat. half day.
    • Location Wise Holiday List:
      This gives sufficient flexibility to allow for complex scenarios. Holidays can be defined as per state. E:g Maharashtra have Ganpati holiday, while States in south may give Pongal holidays. This helps maintain the required statutory holiday’s state wise.
    • Define Optional Holiday:
      With metro cities getting cosmopolitan, the need of various kind of holidays to fit multi-culture environment is a must. This gives the company & employee both the flexibility to work round the clock but still give special holidays to required set of people.

The rule engine is designed intelligently to handle most complex attendance criteria. The engine grows by itself to handle new scenarios on time to time basis. This ability to handle complex time & attendance situation gives Cuckoo tech an edge, which creates a high standards among its customers!

Attendance Rule

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