Best Time & Attendance Software In India – Reviewed by Software Suggest

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Best Time & Attendance Software In India – Reviewed by Software Suggest

Attendance Management Software Employee time and attendance systems at the workplace have evolved through the years. Over the years, the methods of tracking time and attendance have changed greatly with employees using Bundy clocks, filling out paper timesheets, and entering a PIN or swiping a card to record their attendance at work.

Traditional time and attendance technologies are inexpensive, short-term fixes but are open to misuse as staff ‘clock on’ or ‘buddy punch’ for their friends.

With the inception of Information Technology, companies are fast moving towards software enabled Time and Attendance (T&A) solutions. Automation has helped avoid manual intervention and thus providing an accurate data and restricting misuse.

A smart, intelligent and a robust T&A solution can handle VUCA times. Difficult conditions and situations like regular work force shift and roaster planning, etc. is tackled comfortably by an intelligent Time & Attendance software.

So what are the features most sort after by todays HR? Let’s find them out.

1. Configurable:
Policies and rules differ from company to company. Few industries Hotels, BPO’s, Manufacturing and Retails have complex and dynamic time and attendance policies. A vanilla Time & Attendance software might not have all the requirements. Thus a system which is configurable, and can hold and process heavy data’s without lag is one of the top most searched feature when looking for a Time & Attendance software.

Thus Attendance automation experts must empower you to configure the Attendance Policies according to your terms and practices with great flexibility.

2. Integrated with ERP:
Hardware and software works together to get the most out of each other. The solution is designed to give you the best of cloud technology as well.

Attendance automation solution which comes with API & web services, integrates seamlessly, effortless & on real time with ERP solutions, as todays corporate world is demanding integrated solutions which needs advance level of automation.

3. Real Time Data:
Real time data saves time, smoothens operations and help customer delight. T&A solution should be Push based technology. In which Biometric data is pushed on the cloud continuously and the transfer is instantaneous.

No manual intervention is required. Real time saves IT department from big effort. As there is no dependency on IT for pulling the data in intervals.

So companies located in multi-location need not send data’s manually through mail, etc. but with Biometric on cloud technology in place, real time data gets transferred instantaneously to head offices.

4. Responsive on any smart device:
Responsive means a couple of things. First of all, responsive means fast. The interface should work fast. Waiting for things to load and using laggy and slow interfaces is frustrating. Seeing things load quickly or an interface that loads quickly improves the user experience.

Secondly, most professionals of today do not restrict themselves by using desktops and laptops for applying and approving Leaves and Attendance regularization, Emailing and Business meetings, but they have started using Tabs and Smart phones for convenience and easy access. To cater to their needs, UI responsive browsers are designed, where the interface is compatible to the devices.

5. Analytics:
An intelligent T&A will also be an analytical tool for managers. It should provide daily attendance reports, late come report, leave report (planner), shift reports, etc. will help managers take the right course of actions and managing their daily work. Analytics will also help in predicting an employee’s future absenteeism and till what time period he might stick to the company.

6. Gamification:
Under work pressure many times employees don’t adhere to the compliance needed. This reflects on their salaries and leads to conflicts at the workplace. HR managers are always on the toes, reminding employees about the compliances. With Gamification being part of T&A, employees earn points for every correct attendance marking, every adherence to compliance rules. And these points can be redeem for rewards. Gamification is used to motivate employees and create healthy competition among teams.

Time and Attendance should not be looked from a traditional point of view of just gathering employee attendance data, but it can used for various other analysis, which can help organization predict and plan their work.

A robust and an intelligent Time & Attendance software in place, will help reduce manual intervention to nil along with seamless flow of data. It helps HR managers to focus on their core function of employee engagement.

Gamification has proven to be a massive breakthrough for employee’s engagement with the system, and thus complying with the policies and rules of T&A.

All of the above features reflects what a best Time and Attendance software should be like.

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