Biometric Attendance System

Biometric attendance data on Cloud is the buzz word. Everyone wants to be on cloud with biometric attendance system. We want to be modest but the truth is, we were there long back. We pioneered the HR automation on cloud movement in India.

Cuckoo Tech uses the same cloud expertise for biometric attendance data transfer. So you won’t face any teething problems which are sure to happen with vendors who are new to cloud technology.

Cuckoo Tech comes with state of the art patented Virdi biometric attendance devices. The international biometric device leader loaded with some of the most advanced features. Our ADIS interface platform connects it with attendance cloud server to give you the best real time results.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Central Template Management

    Inter-office employee movement and human resource sharing is a common practice now. ADIS interface makes the best of Cloud technology to handle these situations.

    Now a thumb print template registered in one location biometric can be shared with other locations and the employees can get access to multiple locations without going through the rigour of registering again on biometric attendance device.

  • Zero Data Leakage:

    All registrations are pushed instantly to the Attendance cloud. Even if device is offline data is integrated. ADIS has the ultimate intelligence to understand almost all scenarios and it captures attendance data from mobile, tablets, Ipads, and desktops.

    So you can rest assured there can’t be any attendance data leakage whatsoever.

  • No Software to be installed on Client’s Side:

    Once the biometric attendance device registers the thumb print, it is pushed directly to the cloud server. So there is absolutely no need for any installation on client’s server or desktop systems.

    The services are uninterrupted. No dependency on local server, IT experts and vendors.

  • Plug and Play Biometric Attendance system:

    With Cuckoo Tech there system integrators do not need to travel to remote locations for biometric installation. Plug and play solution takes all the trouble out.

    The devices are pre-configured. No attendance software installation is required on any server or desktop. A local resource can mount the device on 4 screws and it is ready to work!

    It saves man hours, travelling cost and shortens the implementation time significantly.

  • 40 % Cost Saving on Installations:

    Our clients have reported upto 40 % cost savings on device installations and operational costs. Credit goes to plug & play cloud technology and the ADIS interface which has smoothen the process.

  • Attendance Device Status Monitoring:

    All the devices are connected to the cloud through ADIS intelligence system. When a biometric attendance system goes offline because of any reason, it is alerted on the monitoring dashboards and can be taken care of instantly.

Biometric on Cloud

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