Biometric Time Attendance System

As technology experts say, "Push is not just a biometric impression transfer technique, it is the technology which is pushing the time and attendance domain forward as a whole. The difference between Pull and push technology is difference between tomorrow and yesterday!"

Let us see what makes Push technology in biometric time attendance system so special.

  • Real Time Performance:

    • When an impression is captured by a biometric time attendance device, push technology transfers (pushes) the data to the cloud as it happens. Thus guaranteeing the real time performance. 

      (In Old pull system, the data was pulled only in batches after certain time periods. That was inefficient. And could never give the true real-time performance).

    • Push is a modern event-driven technology. It is designed for the faster work speeds and transactions. That's why biometric time attendance system with a push is more reliable in every sense of the word.
    • The experts are all praise for the Push technology in biometric attendance devices, because it enables IoT (Internet of things) which means smooth device connectivity, plug and play implementation. And huge cost savings for the organsiation.

In a nutshell it is future ready!

  • FOH02 – USB Fingerprint /Card Reader

    • Patented Live + Fake finger detection
    • Fast and accurate fingerprint algorithm
    • Improved optical system to capture high quality image

    more info

  • AC2100

    • Live + Fake finger detection
    • Real time Auto PUSH Technology
    • IPX3 rating – weather-proof
    • 4 function keys for IN, OUT, LUNCH IN & LUNCH OUT
    • Micro USB and TCP/IP interface for data transfer

    more info

  • AC5000

    • Live + Fake finger detection
    • Real time Auto PUSH Technology
    • IP65 rating / PoE / Capacitive Touch keypad
    • Global & individual message

    more info

  • AC7000

    • Multimodal biometric recognition of Face+Fingerprint+Card+PIN
    • Face location tracking with Dual Auto tilting camera (Color& IR)
    • Face : 10,000 (1:1) / 2,000 (1:N), Fingerprint : 250,000
    • 5” color LCD with familiar UI such as Android smart phone Apps
    • Live + Fake finger detection

    more info

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