Device Management

The device management with Cuckoo Tech works like a dream. Our ADIS platform makes the real difference, it makes the use of latest in Cloud & Internet of things [IoT] technology to create real life benefits.

With our device management function, now there is no dependence on a skilled engineer to go to each and every location for biometric device installations. It saves about 40% to 60% on cost of installation. Implementation time is reduced to 40%.

In day to day operations as well, it impresses with real-time, seamless capabilities.

Our ADIS enabled device management solution helps you in many ways:

  • Monitor online / offline status of biometric devices at all locations.
  • Register & Monitor finger registration process over the web.
  • Finger template management on the cloud.
  • Actual attendance status is triggered & email to team manager for taking corrective actions.

In a nutshell, real-time performance, Cost saving, faster implementation makes it the only biometric device management system all its kind.

Device management console


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