Now Time & Attendance is Gamified!

Corporate world is looking for an anti-dote to increasing stress levels at the workplace. The gamification elements can make the business processes engaging and fun.

How Gamification Helps

  • Reduces stress level
    Under work pressure many times employees don’t adhere to the compliance needed. This reflects on their salaries and leads to conflicts at the workplace. HR managers are always on the toes, reminding employees about the compliances. But with gamification it all changes.
  • Gamification Adds Fun To The Compliance Process
    With Cuckoo Tech, Time & Attendance is not just compliance, but fun. Employees earn points for every correct attendance marking, every adherence to compliance rules. And these points can be redeem for rewards.
  • Reward Points Encourage Employees
    The highest point earners become Cuckoo Champions of the month, and get special bonus rewards. Thus employees are motivated to follow the rules.
  • It Enhances Team Engagement
    The peer to peer comparison and department wise comparison also adds interest.


Call us for a demonstration. It will be fun!

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