Leave Management System

Why Leave Management System is included with Cuckoo Tech T&A? Because we know the realities of HR life.

While organisations use the latest enterprise solutions for payroll and HRMS requirements, Leave Management is many times left to the mercy of legacy intranet systems, emails or manual application forms.

Opportune has an underline theme of making HR easy. In that spirit our advanced Leave Management system is an integrated part of Cuckoo Tech T&A.

Leave Management is easy now!

  • Easily Create Leave Policies:

    Leave policies can be configured in the leave management system as per leave guidelines of the organisation. We have programmed everything in a step by step process which makes it very easy for HR managers to create these policies.

    The inbuilt flexibility empowers you to create policies as per employee grades and locations.

  • Leave Approval / Request Flow:

    This is very important feature for employees as well managers. Managers know at a glance about the number of people who have taken leave for a given time period.

    It helps them in deciding the approvals for new requests.

    If there is any rule violation, it is also highlighted.

    As the leave management system is on cloud, employees can make a request even on a mobile if they are on the field, or at home. Managers also have the access on phone, ipads and other devices for approvals whenever they want.

  • Leave Ledger:

    Leave ledger is automatically created. Employees likes this self-service feature. It gives them a clear picture of the various leave types - opening leave balance, leave credits per month, leaves utilised and any arrear adjustments at a glance for any specified period.

  • Leave Trends and Projections:

    The leave management system generates leave trends and projections as per the past data. It helps in work flow planning, output targets and man hours planning.

    • Data Analysis & comparison between departments, locations, various grades
    • Ask the right question to resolve the manpower challenges
  • Integration with T&A:

    The biggest advantage is Leave Management system is integrated part of Cuckoo Tech Time & Attendance solution.

    You don’t have to worry about merging Time Attendance data with Leave data. No separate intervention is required. Leave data is automatically used for the final paid day’s calculation and pushed to HRMS system.

    You will agree Cuckoo Tech is much more than a technology solution. We are here to make your job as smooth as possible.

You will agree Cuckoo Tech is much more than a technology solution. We are here to make your job as smooth as possible.

Leave Management System

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