Mobile Attendance for Field Resources

Let us give you the good news: Field force attendance capture is not an issue any more. In fact Cuckoo Tech empowers you to plan things well and save a lot of money with its unique features and approach of registering their attendance.

  • How it works:

    Employees in the field can register their attendance through a mobile app. The attendance is pushed to ADIS and it puts the data on cloud server.

    There are some significant features here:

    • Cuckoo Tech integrates with Google Map, its Advance Geo Tagging features gets you the exact longitudinal location of the employee which verifies his presence on the client’s premises.
    • Employee can take a picture of him on the client’s premises if required.
    • With Cuckoo Tech time capture you can ascertain employee adherence to his schedule appointments. It also helps the management to plan the travel routes and time allocation effectively.
    • Improves trust between management and field force employees as there is no dispute about their actual presence on a given time and the reporting done by them.
    • Employee’s in-time and out –time at a client’s premise helps you understand the efficiency of the employee, client’s approach to our employees.
    • Cuckoo Tech companies can facilitate absence planning and time record keeping of their employees, which can make a leap in staff productivity to about 40%.

Clients have reported many advantages of using Cuckoo Tech for field force time capture. The communication between field and the headquarters are healthy. It’s less about blaming and explaining, more about effectiveness.

For example when an employee reaches a destination on time and the client keeps him waiting, the manager can intervene and make meeting on time. On the other hand when the employee leaves the premises a quick check up can be done about his performance with the client and any issues can be resolved as soon as possible.

  • Mobile Application features

    Not only Gen Y but even Gen X is now on smart phones, so any solution which does not have a mobile app is incomplete.

    Cuckoo Tech comes in 2 variants working smoothly on iPhone & Android enabled platforms.

    The app comes with easy to use functionality. It works even in offline mode. Once the device is online the app will sync to our ADIS server, thus ensuring all the attendance is captured.

    The app is designed keeping in mind the simplicity of the use, the check-in is simple, does not require any logins. On other hand if you want, you can make login and photo capture mandatory.

    Thus you have the flexibility to use it as per business needs & the company culture.

    On demand add-ons are available with Cuckoo Tech for daily sales / service plans, geo-fencing, route planning.

Screen Shots of Mobile App


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