Ultra Real-Time Time and Attendance Solution

  • Ultra Real Time Data:

    The 21st century has changed many things. New technology advances have made the world a smaller place. Gone are the days when management used to wait for data to arrive. Now everything is needed here and now.

    Multiple locations, flexi times and new kinds of shift requirements have made man hour planning a real challenge. Obviously real time data is precious.

    Real time data saves time, smoothens operations and help customer delight.

    It helps management in monitoring and appraising the work force performance.

    It helps in increasing the productivity.

    Every man hour saved is money earned.

  • Cuckoo Time is True real time:

    Cuckoo Tech is based on push based technology. So biometric data is pushed on the cloud continuously. The transfer is instantaneous.

    There is no need for batch mode. No manual intervention is required. It saves IT department from big effort. As there is no dependency on IT for pulling the data in intervals.

    Cuckoo takes the data from mobiles, tablets and desktops as well directly. So when you watch your dashboard it is the true representation of everyone who has registered for work till that moment.

  • Usability:

    While Cuckoo Tech’s real time performance is unbeatable, even more significant are its alerts and warning features. After all data is of use only when it can be utilised effectively.
    It is easy to use, needs no technical know-how.

  • Data for HR:

    Data looks good. More the better. But at the same time it is overwhelming. It is not easy to interpret data while so many things are happening all around us. Our domain expertise helps here.

    While we give you real time data, we know what is crucial for you to know. We specially accentuate and signal those occurrences for you to take action.

    Our expertise has saved money and many working hours for our clients again and again. It makes a difference when there is HR intelligence built in automation systems.

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