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How An Indian Company Cracked The Gamification Code For Time And Attendance

Dhwani Mehta of cuckoo Tech says, "From the beginning, we took the psychology of workplace in consideration. We took help of an NLP expert to create a pleasure-pain map for representative workplace. The high-stress levels in today’s organizations, faster turn-around time and quick response times were the key issues. On the other hand, the pleasure points were only a few."

This led us to the next question: Can we change compliance activity into an employee engagement process? Can we make the T&A a source of pleasure, rather than a pain point?

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CuckooTech: Attendance Management Software Review

At SoftwareSuggest, we try and analyse leading software of every category, so that we can give our audience a genuine review to help them make a better purchase. This week we reviewed one of a kind CuckooTech - Time & Attendance Solution, and it has become our benchmark for future T&A attendance software reviews. We loved the fact that how CuckooTech has precisely designed its core features, and changing the game with features like Gamification, and Multi Location Attendance. Read the entire software review, and please share your views with us.

A software review by Ankit Dudhwewala - CEO,

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Business Case For Innovation: T&A Gamification

The innovation that has caught everyone's attention in HR community currently is the Gamification of T&A platform by Cuckoo Tech. It was a leap that was proactive; Opportune Technologies has put a lot of resources, skills, and man hours in creating this breakthrough.

Now that the initial roll out is over, we asked Dhwani Mehta, M.D. of Opportune, the imminent question. Apart from being the first one to crack such a solution in the world, did it make business sense to innovate?

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How Cuckoo Tech Cracked The Gamification Code For T&A

Our team brings you an inside look: How the Indian firm created this breakthrough innovation, a blend of workplace psychology and the automation Technology...

Dhwani Mehta, Managing Director of Opportune Technologies is obviously a happy man. He chuckles, “It’s a personal victory for me. All my childhood, and in my college days, I was scolded for being a video game fanatic. But now my team has created Cuckoo Tech, the gamified Time and Attendance solution. And everyone is congratulating us for making this breakthrough. Life is funny, isn’t it?”

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