Roaster planning has been used since multiple decades across various industries, verticals & domains. The real change that’s occurring in work-places is the complexity of task. And demand for real-time performance. Cuckoo Tech has the capability to cater to all kind of such scenarios.

The key features:

  • Efficiently plan the roaster
  • Ease of creating the roaster
  • Flexibility to adopt to real time scenario
  • Trend reports, that help plan the future
  • MIS to identify the gaps & optimise the resource allocation as per demand

The real beauty is, all the above is integrated tightly & in real-time with attendance device to give accurate shift deviation report, which helps you plan the alternatives swiftly.

Furthermore shift planner is well integrated with Employee self-service & manager login, which enables communication of work plan in advance & hence reduce absentees.

All this is so real time! One has to actually use cuckoo Tech to feel the difference between a traditional shift planer & an intelligent shift solution.

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