Superior Features

  • Live and Fake Finger Detection:

    • With multi recognition technology it can detect all prevalent fake finger impressions. Making it the international, Airport and security services level protection against fraud.
  • Automatic Finger Scanner:

    • The capacitance detectors ‘know’ the moment the finger comes in contact. Thus the finger detection is quick and easy. Enabling fast performance.
  • Patented Finger Matching Algorithm:

    • That’s the work horse. It can match template with a speed and precision unparalleled in industry by any lesser player. 1:1 template matching gets completed in only .5 sec. While 1:N with a degree of 1000 can be achieved in just 1 sec.
    • That’s amazing, to say the least.
  • Registration and Authentication Levels can be Set by Users:

    • Time and attendance managers are empowered to set levels of authentications.
  • Transaction Option Set by User:

    • The user can assign authentication combinations for a given individual. It can be card only, card + pin, finger + PIN, face + PIN & multiple such combinations.
  • Template Stored:

    • Biometric Device Capacity ranges for 500 template to -250000 templates, the template can be stored on the device for faster authentication, with option to configure server based authentication too

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