Time & Attendance Controller

We even know them as Time Gatekeeper, the controller has serious responsibility to maintain every resources, daily time & attendance record, including over time, Outdoor, breaks.

Cuckoo’s specially designed dashboard for controller is a game changer.

It gives with ease the real-time information trending from:

  • All biometric device status online /offline
  • Shift deviations [manpower planned v/s actuals]
  • Attendance regularisation list with relevant reasons
  • MIS reports, showing trends across functions, departments, locations
  • Alerts

Smart- Capabilities

This dashboard is accessible on smart phones and tables/ipads thus enabling the controller freedom from seating at the door, keeping a track like a doorkeeper.

Corrective Planning

The real time data on the controller dashboard makes it further simpler for the controller to plan for any loss of manpower & take corrective action.

Let’s look at a case study to give you an exact insight of how our smartly design time & attendance controller dashboard is a game changer.

Time & Attendance Controller

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