Time Attendance System

The world is getting connected. The mind-set is changing. Now progressive companies whether they are micro or small scale, medium or Large in size, need to grow geographically across multiple locations, to acquire as well as service their clients.

Which calls for a Time Attendance system specialist.

Multi Location Time Attendance specialist is here.

When it comes to Time and Attendance system for capturing attendance with multi sites, the task gets complex. It needs a time attendance solution provider with the hands on expertise & in-depth understanding of such multi location time attendance scenarios. It’s not just about attendance capturing, it has further implication on the HR function & integration with HR platform.

With the evolution of Cuckoo Tech--The Realtime seamless Time & attendance system, now companies can easily map multiple location time attendance requirement on a cloud platform.

Change From Traditional Time Attendance System to the Specialist.

Traditional challenges of Time & Attendance recording system have become history. Transaction from an old attendance solution to a cutting edge ADIS enable Biometric attendance system on cloud is the mandate for any futuristic organisation.

With the advent of Cuckoo Tech, sophisticated time attendance solution is in reach of all organisations now.

  • Traditional Multi-location Challenges

    • 1. Pull technology – Delayed attendance information & even loss of data
    • Client & server installation – High dependency on IT infrastructure & personal
    • Desktop solutions – Limited access to data by HR function
    • Unintegrated – Call for business actions were not possible
  • Today’s Time & Attendance [T&A] Specialist: Cuckoo Tech

    Cuckoo Tech Multi Location Time Attendance System works on the principle of Platform, Content & Services. All geared to help you take quick decisions and make corrections.

    • Time & Attendance Platform Highlights:
      • Push Technology – Realtime seamless availability of Time & Attendance
      • Biometric on Cloud – ADIS enabled, Finger template on cloud console
      • Remote site connectivity –SIM based, WIFI available on biometric devices
      • Integrated – Seamless flow of data from Attendance to leave, paid days to Payroll
      • Multi device enabled – Smart phones, iPad / Tabs, laptops /desktops
    • Time & Attendance Content Delivered!
      • Multi location – Manage workforce planning & managing on Realtime
      • Centralise data management – Time Attendance data & biometric attendance device console for Realtime monitoring
      • Configurable – Time Attendance policy, shift planning, reminders
      • Dashboard – Present days, Absentee, out door, late & early count, working hours
      • Reporting – Trends, Analysis, graphical reports, MIS
      • Attendance Workflows – Attendance regularisation, Requests & Approvals
    • Time & Attendance Services Unmatched!
      • 1. Plug & Play devices – No software installation on client or server
      • Reduce cost – Engineers & specialist not required to maintain
      • Patented Biometric devices - Robust solution for long shelf life
      • Empower – HR & IT can manage data & device from any location, any time
      • Time Attendance system Consulting – Multi location, break shifts, Realtime information we have the experience

Time to change is now!

If your organisation believes time is money, it’s time to change. No business can grow 5X on old technology. Use the new age technology to get the competitive advantage, to integrate your human resource planning. It will also provide the flexibility needed in an interconnected 21st century organisation.

Cuckoo Tech is a breakthrough in HR automation technology. The only solution that meets and surpasses the expectations.

Connect with us now for a one to one meeting,
to understand the Multi location Time Attendance System
challenges and the correct solution.

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