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The Best Enterprise Attendance Management System for customised attendance scenarios!

I Deliver!

  • True real-time attendance – attendance data without lag.
  • Manage 24X7 shifts. Multiple shifts. Effortlessly.
  • On field employee attendance using GPS via a mobile App.
  • Contractor attendance. Seamlessly integrated with the payroll system.
  • Attendance compliance. State-wise. Correct format. Ready for presentation.


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Enterprise Attendance System Specialist!

Most high-end attendance management software are add-ons to the biometric devices. Cuckoo Tech is different. It is a complete attendance management platform. It's not just a software, but an enterprise level time attendance specialist.

  • Real time biometric integration over the cloud.
  • Geofencing for on field employees using mobile app.
  • Rule engine to configure attendance policy as per scenarios.
  • Statewise statutory attendance and leave register.
  • Biometric attendance device.
  • Mobile attendance.
  • Time Attendance rules.
  • Attendance alerts.
  • Attendance approval workflow.
  • Rostering / shift scheduling.
  • Realtime attendance tracking.
  • Online attendance regularisation.
  • Attendance report / Alerts / MIS and Analysis.
  • Domain expertise.
  • PAN India local support for biometric.
  • Biometric finger templates management.
  • API for attendance integration.


  • Attendance Rule engine.
  • Real time multi-location attendance.
  • Shift planning & publishing of shift to employees.
  • GPS and geo-location enabled attendance for field employees.
  • Attendance regularisation workflow.
  • Compliance adherence.
  • Excellent for industries like:
    modern retail, ITES, hospitality, manpower intense manufacturing units.

Cuckoo Tech : Awarded Tech Product Brand CIOreview

The Gamified Time & Attendance Platform.

Cuckoo Tech gives points on every action done on the attendance system, creating a gaming environment; real time leader-board is seen. It generates healthy comparisons, and eventually leads to rewards and recognitions. This motivates the employees to adhere to company Attendance and Leave policies.

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Built-In Gamification

Cuckoo Tech has gamification built in the attendance system. Which means, now Time & Attendance is not just compliance, but fun. Employees earn points for every correct attendance marking, every adherence to compliance rules. And these points can be redeemed for rewards.

Here Is A Quick Video: How Gamification Makes A Difference! Employees Will Never Forget To Punch Their Attendance!

World Class Biometric Attendance Device

Cuckoo Tech comes with a world class biometric device. With patented sensors for fake finger detection technology.

It is a plug and play device and saves a good amount of money on installation and manpower costs. It provides finger template management on cloud. So, the floating workforce doesn’t need to register their fingerprints multiple times, in multiple locations. Once it is done, it’s done.

In a nutshell-

  • Save 40% cost on installations by plug & play configuration.
  • Protect your business from proxy attendance due to fake-finger miscreants.
  • Smooth attendance management experience with PUSH based biometric technology.

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