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By Admin 24 Jun, 2021

Fake Finger-non compliant biometric devices

How Much Is Your Organisation Loosing Because Of Rs 100 Fake-Finger Prints? Think Twice!

Here is a headline early this month.

We always knew that fake finger impression could be made, as we have seen it in Hollywood movies. The gate-crashers in these silver-screen blockbuster use high-tech to intrude into security systems.

It might shock you, but as the news clip informs, a fake finger impression can be sourced for only Rs 100/- in our Indian towns.

Our Indian brothers with their jugaad-mindset can create these fake-fingers with home-sourced items like coconut oil, M-seal and Fevicol.

But on a bigger level, some enterprising people have discovered in it a promising business. You can set up a fake-finger printing machine with an investment of just Rs 1 Lac.

Obviously, there is huge demand for such fake-finger prints.

Now the vital questions for HR community are:

  1. Do we still keep ignoring this?
  2. Do we still keep using a device that does not recognise fake fingers?
  3. Is there a fake-finger-proof detection solution available in the market?
  4. What is the cost implication of using a non- fake device V/s Fake-finger-proof detection devices?

First, let us understand the impact of ignoring these news stories–

  1. Salary Cost
  2. Compliance cost
  3. Security cost
  4. Lapse in manpower count & business loss

Even if 2-3 employees are using unethical practices to mark their attendance, say for 2 days a month, than 6 man days of working are lost. Which is typically 25% of working days. If this happens throughout the year than we are talking of at least 3 man-months of losses.

If we take minimum CTC of 15000/- for a Jr resource, we are talking of 50K of salary wrongly paid. The infinite loss of employee not attending the work, and spreading a wrong message among peers by escaping unnoticed may create rippling effects.

With just Rs.100/- someone we can procure a fake finger, and can pose a huge threat of security lapse. Considering locations with stores having high value inventory, highly confidential data centres…it’s just unimaginable what all can happen. And god forbid, might be happening in organisations.

What are the possible solutions?

  1. Have physical check for every employee that comes
  2. Implement biometric attendance system, which has 100% capability of detecting fake & live fingers

Manual option is practically not possible, and goes against the basic purpose of installing the biometric machines in the first place. Chances of manual lapse is in fact higher. Only option is to implement devices with fake finger detection technology.

So are such solution available in market & aren’t they really expensive?

Good news is, we have a solution to the multiple problems of fake finger registration. Devices with capability to detect any kinds of fake fingers are available. These are patented & available in more than 100+ countries.

You must check this here:

Even better, the device comes at an economical price, with 10+ year of sensor-warranty.

The benefit of implementing such compliant biometric devices has high ROI whether you evaluate the 100% stopping of unsolicited elements entering the premises, attendance compliance, or the security.

The solution is guaranteed or money refunded!

You can talk to us if you want: 0987654321