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By Admin 24 Jun, 2021

Is Attendance System Still A Challenge In Today’s Flexi-working Millennial World?

As we all agree even today for an HR, setting up employees accurate attendance system is the biggest task. No matter what HR technology, flexibility & generation one belongs.

From the days of manual attendance marking at the time office the corporate world has moved to the latest biometric & mobile solution using IoT & GPS. Still every office is struggling for the best of attendance solution, may it be for all employees or few set of exceptions.

So what is the fuss all about? Why are organizations not able to achieve 100% success when it comes to attendance management system?

Let’s point out few scenarios of attendance capturing challenges & the complexity involved

1. Employees working at client side – Especially the facility business, contract staffing, IT resource deployment

2. Employees on field – Sales & client servicing

3. Identify & Implement the correct attendance system – Integrated & collaborative approach

4. The progressive HR companies – With flexi attendance practice

5. Business linked attendance policy, SLA driven rostering, various time-zone support

6. Most importantly, state wise attendance compliance mandate

There are at least 50 other such cases which we know, based on intensive research, study & mastermind series with the industry experts.

All these issues are still there because most automation solutions are focused more on automation and less on the real life HR scenarios.

Considering the above stated attendance system challenges, we evaluated realistic solutions available in the marketplace, to achieve high success ratio for accurate & realistic attendance system for employees.

Thankfully there are good solutions which are cutting edge when it comes to technology and designed for modern Indian HR scenarios as well. These solutions can take care of the above mentioned special cases, too.

A few good attendance system features are–

1. Employees Engagement Platform: motivate & explain employee’s the importance of Attendance & its compliance. Use the attendance platform with Gamification & rewards to engage them.

2. IoT Platform: use cloud based biometric Attendance capturing for real time information across multiple location & Time zones

3. Mobility: multimode attendance capturing solutions for ease of capturing geo based attendance of resources on move

4. Integrated: Attendance solution supporting from real time compliance alerts to attendance data for payroll generation

The best thing is to bundle such solutions into a package, to configure the right features as per policy, practice, industry & business need. This approach has already given results to many organizations.

These new-age attendance system are designed to give solutions to the above mentioned attendance problems in a very cost effective manner, thus creating a perfect case for return on investment.

You can write to me on, to discuss any Attendance related complex issues.