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By Admin 24 Jun, 2021

What Makes Cuckoo Tech The Best Attendance Management System In India?

Legendary boxer Mohd Ali titled his autobiography: 

The Greatest. And he wrote a note on the cover– I want to be modest, but then I have to tell you the truth! We are feeling the same, as we tell you why Cuckoo Tech is the best attendance management system in India.

Let us confess, there are some good multinational attendance management system available. But in India, they just can’t compete with the Cuckoo capabilities. Why do we say, so?

Because we are talking about India. Cuckoo Tech is the world-class time and attendance solution, futuristic, fast, and ultra-flexible attendance management platform, created from ground up for complex Indian business requirements.

Let us tell you 5 important distinctions which makes it the best attendance management system in India, in spite of the presence of multinational players–

1: Business Scenario Approach: Unlike other attendance management software which boasts of their features, we focus first and foremost on attendance scenarios. Rest assured, every single feature that you want, you will find in Cuckoo. These features are designed & developed to perform under complex Indian scenarios, the real-life challenges you come across in your business environment.

Cuckoo Tech is designed in such a way that for every attendance scenario there are multiple ways to perform a task. This flexibility is highly useful and desirable in the Indian context with variations in different geographies, industry-specific requirements, and cultures.

It’s this innovative approach to complex business scenarios that make us the most recommended attendance management system by our clients.

If you are getting curious, Cuckoo Tech has all the important attendance features.

  • Integrated attendance hardware and Software, scalable solution,
  • Mobile attendance, work from home, biometric synchronization.
  • Push technology for Real-time attendance dashboard
  • Gamified attendance program,
  • Attendance compliance. Reports as per state requirements.
  • Fake-finger detection, push technology and multi-location capabilities.
  • Secured environment VAPT & APP SEC certified

With Virdi as the global bio-metric partner, we provide customer service in almost any corner of the world.

2: Cuckoo Is Made For Cloud:

While older companies have customized their legacy attendance management software to run on the cloud, the Cuckoo Tech is ‘created for cloud’.

Cloud is native to Cuckoo Tech’s architecture. This really makes a difference in performance.

We have specially created the dedicated ADIS platform to utilize the best of cloud technology. ADIS utilizes the internet of things (IoT) technology to seamlessly integrate hardware and the software. Plus, push technology makes sure that you will achieve the most smooth, ultra real-time performance.

And it works beautifully in complex shift planning scenarios. Even in the toughest multi-shift scenarios like modern retail and Hospitality.

Now let us move to the third important distinction:

3: Gamification and Employee Engagement

Cuckoo Tech is the world’s first gamified attendance management system to engage the employees.

New age workforce doesn’t like to be monitored. But with Cuckoo, when employees fill their time sheet, make punches, apply for leave they get scores. The comparative score-card and attractive rewards keep them engaged. It is a unique feature. Not even offered by expensive dollar eating solutions.

4: Cuckoo is Torture Tested:

Cuckoo Tech is used by 100′s of most demanding customers. While good software companies use stress testing for their software, we at Cuckoo Tech follow torture Testing.

The software is continuously tried and tested for extreme Indian HR scenarios. (Volume of employees per customer 10K+, multiple-attendance capturing options from mobile to biometric, auto shift planner with the 24hrs cycle, and many more.)

And we handle these business scenarios in all kinds of business environments– From manufacturing to modern retail, BPOs, facility management, hospitality, advertising as well IT & ITes services.

We are open to any demo by asking you your toughest scenarios. It will be a pleasure to show you how Cuckoo Tech can take those challenges smoothly and efficiently.

5: Preventive Care:

This is the most important ‘function’ in Cuckoo Tech.

The cuckoo team has evolved a method of problem detection even before it occurs. And we suggest clients to avoid certain behaviors which can cause attendance related problems later on. This is a result of our experience over the years, and Indian industry-specific scenarios documented by us.

We are proud of this innovative approach to customer care. You can only experience it, it can’t be shown in demos.

Now, there is one most important thing to sum everything up–

Opportune Master-Mind Sessions:

We regularly engage with the HR community. We organize Master-Mind sessions with Indian HR leaders and Business owners to understand new challenges. These expectations are addressed in the development of cuckoo attendance management system on an ongoing basis.

Because the solution is on the cloud, in a sense, the Cuckoo Tech attendance management software is updated and upgraded throughout the year.


Cuckoo Tech should be your choice–

  • If you are an expanding company or a large company and need multi-location integration.
  • If you are looking for the time and attendance management software not just for compliance management but also for smoother business operations and productivity enhancement.
  • If you are in an industry like hospitality or modern retail or a BPO, and you have to manage complex shift and workforce planning, or if man-power cost is a big chunk of your cost and business profitability depends on managing it well.

Call Us For a Tough Torture Test: 9821186599